Papers submitted to the 2018 conference should address one of the following topics:

The fact that contemporary artists are trying to establish themselves as brands and thereby deliberately influence their reception is no longer a rarity today – thinking, for example, of artists such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons or Banksy. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s attempts to present himself as an artistic leader and develop his image as a ‘trademark’ is an area that needs a closer and more nuanced look [...]
This part of the conference follows on from the first topic above by looking closely at Kirchner’s illness and the resulting ‘split’ in his biography. Kirchner’s personal crisis coincided with the international crisis of the First World War, which had both a physical and psychological effect on the artist. During that time, Kirchner struggled with his self-image and consciously engineered a legend-building and self-mythologizing of his life story through artworks and writings [...]
The constructed self as well as the Other take on central importance in Kirchner’s artistic process and oeuvre. As vital elements in his creative method, they accompanied him throughout his entire life. He made playful use of identity and alterity – for example to compose imagined landscapes, interiors and arrangements of figures and space [...]
Depictions of nudes play a crucial role in Kirchner’s oeuvre throughout his career – be it as the central element of his compositions or more subtly in the background, as sculptures or as parts of furniture [...]
Kirchner was not only an avid reader, with an extensive library of his own, but was also very interested in various kinds of writing and literature, which offered him the possibility of experimenting with new means of artistic creativity. The diaries Kirchner sporadically wrote during his time in Davos, between 1919 and 1928, give a unique and first-hand insight into his emotions, his impressions of the new environment and the creative process of making new works [...]

Additional workshops will be held on the following topics:

Exhibiting Kirchner

Technical Innovation / Questions of Conservation

Masters-, PhD- and Postdoc-Workshop